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Pest problems in your home are more common than you think. It could be anything from mice in your kitchen, rats in your loft or garden, wasps, bed bugs or any number of other unwanted visitors.

Many people become embarrassed when they get an infestation in their home, making them think that ” only dirty homes “, get these sorts of problems, this is simply NOT the case!

Most infestations are due to the pest being very good at making use of the small gaps around your home or possibly that small repair that’s not been done, a Mouse for example can squeeze under a gap of only 5 mm, (the thickness of a pen), Wasps need only the smallest of gaps to find their way into a cavity wall or loft space, Bed bugs and Cockroaches are the hitchhikers of the pest world, potentially carried into your home in suitcases or used furniture items.

All of these problems can be dealt with in an efficient, timely manner by Orion Pest Management, by us following industry recommended treatments and by you the customer following our recommendations we can take the stress and worry out of the situation.

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Showing problems with Rats, Mice, Wasps, Pigeons and Cockroaches.

All are common pests that I can control.

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